BD GasPakô EZ Anaerobic Pouch System
  • Manufacturer: Becton Dickinson
  • Mfr. Cat. # 4360683
  • Brand Name: BD GasPak

BD GasPakô EZ Anaerobic Pouch System

Medix Item Code: CAP-0683

$154.92 per Ea.

List Price: $186.50

You Save: $31.58 (17%)

Size: 1 Ea.


Use this fast and easy system for anaerobic culture processing. Place up to four petri dishes in resealable pouch, insert an anaerobe sachet with attached indicator and seal zippered pouch for incubation. The attached methylene blue indicator tablet saves time and accurately monitors anaerobic conditions. Sachets provide rapid gas generation with no need for water or catalyst activation. Custom multilayer pouch material preserves environmental integrity for maximum performance. System includes 20 resealable pouches with indicator and 20 sachets.

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